A Farewell Message from Spinlister

Dear Spinlister community: our loyal listers, renters, and bike shop partners,  

I don’t have great news, after 5 years since we re-launched the Spinlister platform into the market, we will unfortunately be shutting down our services on April 22nd, 2018.  We were not able to raise new funding, so our board of investors decided that the best option was to close shop.

That being said, we will be honoring all booked rentals during the next 30 days.  Meanwhile, rentals that are already booked for after April 22nd will be cancelled and the money will be fully refunded to the renters.  

  • For any rentals booked after 5PM PST on March 23rd, we unfortunately cannot honor the Spinlister Guarantee and Renter protection option for these rentals.

  • For any rentals booked before 5PM PST on March 23rd, we will honor the Spinlister Guarantee and any Renter protection that was purchased.

  • For rentals after April 22nd, communication will still be open until end of day April 22nd, so if you would like to continue future rentals, this will be at your own risk.

  • For our Listers, any unclaimed funds in your account will be distributed shortly, so please make sure your payment settings are up to date.

If you have any operational questions regarding your rentals (payments, communications, etc.), please contact us at  [email protected]

It is not a happy moment for us, but know we did everything we could to keep Spinlister a thriving community for users to safely rent bikes all over the world. We are glad that we always had a great and supportive community that shared our love for adventure - renting bikes, surfboards and snowboards wherever they traveled.

I hope you all keep riding, staying active, and meeting amazing people on the way.  I know the rider spirit will live on through you all.

With regards,