Requesting a Ride

When you’ve found a Ride you would like to rent, click the thumbnail picture of the ride to access the ride page. From here, choose the dates and times you would like to pickup and drop off the ride. (Pickup is the start of the rental and dropoff is the end) Finally, click the green button that says, "Request This Ride".

Click on the Ride's picture thumbnail to open the Ride's page

On the Ride's page, select your dates and times and click, "Request This Ride".

(iOS) Tap the Ride thumbnail to open the Ride's page

(iOS) Tap 'Request this Ride' to open the date picker

(iOS) Choose your dates and times

(iOS) After reviewing your dates and times, tap 'Request'

(Android) Tap a Ride icon to see the number of Rides in the vicinity

(Android) Tap a Ride's picture to open up the Ride's page

(Android) Tap 'Request this Ride' to open the rental calendar

(Android) Choose dates/times and tap 'request' to complete your proposal

Requesting a Ride will facilitate your rental and allow you to message or send photos to the Lister.

Requesting multiple Rides

You WILL NOT pay for a rental until your dates have been approved by the Lister AND you confirm the rental. Because of this, we recommend that you request multiple Rides in case a Lister doesn't respond or approve your dates. If the Lister approves your request dates, you'll still have to confirm or decline the rental in order for a payment to process.

Be sure to go back and cancel any pending requests after you have booked the Ride you want! This is just a courtesy to other Listers who may still think you are interested in renting from them.