Ride Delivery

Location Privacy

For safety reasons, your listing location appears on the search map “fuzzed". “Fuzzing” is a technique used in software that essentially shows your general location without giving away your exact location or address. We ONLY show the pickup and dropoff address to the Renter once they have confirmed the rental with valid credit card information. The address the Renter sees will be the same address you’ve provided in your listing.

If you are uncomfortable giving your address to Renters, you can list your Ride somewhere else nearby - a cafe, your favorite repair shop, or any place that is safe and convenient for both parties. We only ask that wherever your Ride is listed, you are prepared to meet any and all Renters at this location. TIP: When choosing a public location, look for a place with a lot of traffic in order to get a higher frequency of Ride requests!


Some Listers like to offer delivery of their Rides just in case the Renter will not be able to pickup from the listed address. We now have the option to add a price and a maximum delivery distance when you list your Ride!

Click "List A Ride" then check the "Delivery" box at the bottom to allow delivery

Choose your delivery price and max distance that you're willing to deliver