Instant Book

Instant book is a feature that allows Renters to automatically book a Ride without the Lister approving the request.

Normally the rental process goes as follows:

  1. Renter requests a Ride from the Lister
  2. Lister approves the request
  3. Renter confirms and pays for the rental

With Instant Book activated, the rental transaction bypasses the last two steps, allowing Renters to book your Ride with one click!

In order to become Instant Book eligible, Listers must meet certain criteria. We do this to ensure that Instant Book Listers are trustworthy and responsive.

To become Instant Book Eligible, a Lister must have:

1. At least one completed rental
We require that Listers complete at least one rental transaction to ensure they understand the process of completing a rental.

2. An average of at least 4 stars on reviews
To use Instant Book, Listers must have an average of at least 4 stars on reviews to show they are reliable and highly recommended.

To check your average review score, click on your dropdown menu, then navigate to "My Profile". Your average review score will show up under "My Rides".

3. An updated Availability Calendar
We ask that Listers who wish to use Instant Book update their Availability Calendars in order to prevent canceled bookings and time conflicts.

To update your Availability Calendar, click on your dropdown menu, then navigate to "Availability Calendar". Follow the directions to complete your calendar.

4. A verified phone number
A linked mobile number will ensure that the Lister instantly receives requests directly to their phone

To verify your mobile phone, open your dropdown menu and navigate to "Settings". Under the left-hand tabs, click "Verifications" and follow the directions to sync your phone with your Spinlister account.

To check if you have completed the four requirements for Instant Book eligibility, simply open your dropdown menu and click on "Settings". Under the left-hand tabs click on "Instant Book" - once you have met the requirements, they will be checked off here. When all four are met, you will be able to activate the Instant Book feature from this page!