My Ride's location & privacy

At Spinlister, we take great lengths to hide your Ride’s exact location from the public, and from any searching Renters who haven’t confirmed and/or paid. Although your listing location appears on the map for the convenience of the Renter’s location, your address is - what we call - “fuzzed” on the map. “Fuzzing” is a technique used in software that randomly re-places your coordinates within certain boundaries; essentially, showing your general location without showing your exact location.

Until the reservation is 100% booked, Spinlister will hide both party’s contact information, providing you both complete privacy. Even still, a confirmed booking will only disclose the pickup or dropoff location. Any other details provided along the way is determined at the discretion of each party - whether that’s communicating through in-app messaging or personal contact.

If you are uncomfortable giving your address to a Renter for a confirmed booking, you can list your bike at the nearest Starbucks corner, your favorite bike shop or any place that is both safe and convenient for you. We only ask that you are prepared to meet your Renters at this location, no matter its address. TIP: When choosing a public location, look for a place with a lot of traffic in order to get a higher frequency of Ride requests!