Extending a Rental

If you are enjoying yourself and would like to hold onto the Ride a bit longer, we have an option for you to extend the rental! To extend the rental, open up your in-progress reservation and click, "extend dates". The Lister will receive your extension request. If they choose to accept it, your rental will automatically update to the newly scheduled times and Spinlister will charge the credit card on file for the additional cost of the rental.

Click on your booked reservation to open it

Click on 'Extend Dates' to extend the rental

Choose your new dates and click, "Request This Extension"

Enter your payment info. and click, "Request Extension" to finish up - The rental will not be modified until the Lister accepts the extension request.

If the Lister doesn't reply or declines, you are required to return the Ride at the original dropoff time. Late fees will be applied to any delayed returns.