Accepting a Request

When you get a Ride request be sure to double check the pickup and dropoff dates/times, and see if this works for your schedule. Here are some things to consider to ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Is the Ride available? (You might have let a friend borrow your bike that weekend)
  2. Are you available to meet the Renter to pickup and dropoff the Ride?
  3. If you are unable to meet the Renter, can you get someone else to dropoff the Ride?

If everything works for you, great! Approve the rental and await confirmation and payment from the Renter. Remember that even after you approve a Ride request, the Ride is not officially booked until the Renter confirms with their credit card.

If for some reason you can't make the rental work, no problemo! Feel free to decline without repercussion. We encourage Listers to respond back to their Renter with different times in case they are flexible on the pickup or dropoff. Chances are, a Renter can meet you a few hours earlier or later and it just takes a little communication to make it happen. To suggest new dates or times, add a surcharge for delivery, or provide the Renter a discount, simply send a message with our in-app system! Once you and the Renter come to a common agreement, edit the request to fit the new rental period, approve it, and wait for the Renter to confirm.

Click on the "Dashboard" button, then click on the reservation you want to open

Click "Accept" to approve the reservation and await confirmation from the Renter

(iOS) Tap "Rentals" then tap the reservation you would like to approve

(iOS) Tap "Accept" to approve the Renter's request

(Android) Tap on "Rentals" then tap on the reservation you want to approve

(Android) Once the reservation is open, tap "Approve", then await confirmation from the Renter